Aviation Workshop for Emergency Department Physicians (New)

12th November 2018

 Kotelawala Defence University

Aviation medicine is aerospace medicine where the patients and doctors in a crisis situation at any time. This is the first time in Sri Lanka, SLEMCON 2018 organizing an Aviation workshop for doctors. This strategic workshop provides you with updates on the latest developments in emergency planning, aircraft incident management and air ambulance services.

Registration Fees : LKR.6000.00 (LKR.6000.00 FOR LIFE MEMBERS) (50 USD)


Date : 12/11/2018


Venue : John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) Rathmalana

course contents


Live HEMS drill ( Helicopter Emergency Medical Services)- 60 min.


Pre-hospital Polytrauma and HEMS.


Aviation Physiology.


Fixed wing Air Transfers- Flying ICU.


Triage and treatment using HEMS in Major disaster.


HEMS in the United Kingdom.


Pre-Hospital RSI(Rapid sequence Induction).


Opportunities, Training and Future in HEMS for doctors.


Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar


Dr. Shalini Nalwad