Program Schedule

Day 1 

November 10th 2018

0900-1000Inauguration ceremony
Keynote Address -Road to better care
1000-1020Global Development of Emergency Medicine- barriers and facilitatorsDr. Paul Hiu Fai Ho
1020-1040Quality in emergency care: a double-edged sword!Dr. Chris Moulton
Vice-President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine
1040-1100TEA BREAK
Symposium 1 – Evidence and Surviving SkillsChair – Prof. Ranjana Senevirathne/ Dr Paul Hui Fai Ho
1100-1120How to Become a Successful Leader - Survival Skills for Young PhysiciansProf. Shane Curran (AUS)
1120-1140Medically unexplained illness-Hysteria in EDDr. Chris Moulton
Vice-President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine
1140-1200Recent Practice Changing Articles That You Can Apply on Your Next ShiftAssociate Prof. Mohan Tiru (Singapore)
Symposium 2 – Analgesia & Critical careChair – Dr Megan Thomas/ Dr Chris Moulton
1200-1220Improving stroke volume in septic shockDr. Kaniska Indrarathne
1220-1240Intensive Care 2018 in Review: What the Emergency Medicine Physician Should KnowProfessor Gerald Chua-
1240-1300New concepts in pain management.Dr. Therese Becker (AUS)
1300-1340LUNCH BREAK
Symposium 3 – Cardiac Emergencies
Chair –Dr. Krishantha Jayasekara/ Prof. Antony Brown
1340-1400The Validity of Emergency Department Rule in-out Criteria for Chest Pain'Dr. Megan Thomas
1400-1420Identifying high risk arrythmias in EDDr. Susitha Amarasinghe
1420-1440Recent Practice Changing Articles in Emergency Cardiology and Cardiac Resuscitation" Associate Prof. Mohan Tiru (Singapore)
Symposium 4 – Ethics in EDChair – Dr. Sri Lal de Silva/ Prof. Shane Curren
1440-1500Domestic violence – risk managementDr. Sue Ieraci
1500-1520Child abuse – Role of EDDr. Jacqui Irvine (AUS)
1520-1540The Ethics of Professionalism in the Emergency Department - Combating Judgemental Attitudes'
Dr. Megan Thomas
1540-1600TEA BREAK
Symposium 5 – Trauma and OrthopaedicsChair – Dr. Chris Moulton/ Dr. Anna Davis
1600-1620Approach to an injured handDr. Paul Hiu Fai Ho
1620-1640Pediatric TraumaDr .George Nada
1640-1700Diagnostic errors – follow-up of minor trauma/ fractures Associate Prof. Sellappa Prahalath

Day 2 

November 11th 2018

0830-0850Keynote Address - The future of emergency critical care interface - A Sri Lankan perspectiveProf. Aruna Munasinghe
Symposium 1 – Leadership - Being a Better EM Doctor
0850-0910Clinical Governance in EDDr. Neal Durge (UK)
0910-0930Young female leaders in male dominant EDDr. Sue Ieraci
0930-0950Role of a emergency physician in Invictus games.Dr. Shima Ghedia

0950-1010Tea Break
Symposium 2 – Disaster preparedness and EMS
1010-1030Pre hospital trauma( extrication , stabilization , bleeding arrest and management strategies)-an overviewDr. Yashvi Wimalasena
1030-1050Flying ICU foe developing countries Dr. Shalani Nalwad/ Dr. Rahul Singh
1050-1110Disaster at special situation- nuclear explosion/building collapse/pandemicDr. Narendranath Jeena (India)
Symposium 3 – Neurology & Radiology
1110-1130Ultrasound in Dyspnoeic Patients-Quick Answers to Save a LifeDr. Nilantha
Lenora (USA)
1130-1150Vertigo in ED- practical tips at bedsideDr. Anna Davis
1150-1210Spot the non-disabling strokeDr. Jacqui Irvine
1210-1300LUNCH BREAK
Parallel Sessions
1300-1400MRCEM/FRCEM-Grand Quizzes
Research Paper Session
Dr. Tamorish Kole (IND)
Symposium 4 – Paediatric EM
1400-1420One Bite, One Pill, One Swallow; Ten Substances Toxic to Children in Small DosesDr. Michael Downes (AUS)
1420-1440Emerging Epidemics, New Infections in ChildrenDr. Rhiannon Browne (AUS)
1440-1500What are Emergency Departments for Anyway? A Baby’s ViewDr. Anna Davis (AUS)
Old is Gold – Geriatric EM
1520-1540Trauma in Elderly – Pearls and PitfallsDr. Helen Rhodes (AUS)
1540-1600Mechanical Back Pain in Elderly - Is It an ED ConcernDr. Rukshan Sooriyaarchchi (SL)
1600-1620Palliative Care LiteratureDr. TS Srinath Kumar (IND)